TECH-A-MOMENT: Top 10 Trending Tech News

1. CLOUD AUTOML    AI is no more going to remain the secret sauce of some of the biggest Tech giants. Google has unveiled “CLOUD AUTOML” which would help businesses across the globe, with limited machine learning expertise, start building their own high quality custom models using advance techniques provided by the Internet giant. Cloud AutoML is […]

Class Connect : Simply Sophisticated

” SIMPLICITY IS THE ULTIMATE SOPHISTICATION ” – Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci Rightly said!!. Isn’t it. Still wondering why? Well, we all know that 21st century is also known as the digital age, or precisely “The age of Simplification”, where things may seem a tat-bit sophisticated & complex, just with the right resources […]

Top Six Best Programming Languages for Beginners

Introduction Programming is one of the best career choices in today’s world as more and more services are shifting online. Apart from enjoying a lucrative salary and a luxurious lifestyle, the programmers also get a wonderful opportunity to analyze and solve problems through codes. However, choosing a particular programming language that could fulfill one’s desires, […]