Top Ten Women Engineering Colleges In India

Despite the great walk made towards gender equality over the last century, there is still a number of arenas where women are underrepresented in the workforce. According to current scenario, Engineering is one of them. But women are not far behind, they are fluttering in this field too. To encourage the women education in technical […]

TECH-A-MOMENT 4: Top 10 Trending Tech News

Here is your fortnightly dose about what’s been happening in the world of science and technology in this session of TECH-A-MOMENT 4 : Top 10 Trending Tech News  1. MADAD App Indian Railways i.e. The national transporter is going to launch a dedicated mobile application — rather appropriately named ‘MADAD’ (Mobile Application for Desired Assistance During […]

Top 10 Outfits For College Girls

Our freshmen experience definitely make an impression on us. College is a lot different than high school. In general, our freshmen year is a time filled with anticipation, some anxiety, and wonderful discoveries. College is all about fun, friends, ambition and inspiration. A new session is going to start after one month. Especially for girls, College […]


When one will turn the pages of the history of Bengal, one can find Bengal as a blend of indigenous traditions with cosmopolitan influences from Pan-Indian subcontinental empires. There is still traditional aroma inside Bengal. That fragrance emerges on the festivals like Pohela Boishakh. According to Bengali’s calendar, the first day of Boishakh (April 14 or 15) is […]

Spectacle Of History : Commonwealth Games

The recently concluded Commonwealth Games 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia brought joy and smiles to the faces of many. The prolong, and sheer hard work of athletes was handsomely rewarded with medals and appreciations. The quadrennial sporting extravaganza showcased some of finest individuals from the group of commonwealth nations competing against each other. These display of physical […]

Fall of the Humanitarian Regime: The Syrian Crisis

The year 2018 is the 8th consecutive year of the continual of The Syrian Civil war. These figures of over 4.5 Lakh fatalities, 10 Lakh severe injuries, and more than 1.2 Billion displaced Syrian natives are extremely unsettling in their very discourse. This has once again exposed the fragility of various International peacekeeping organizations and […]

Must-watch movies for students and working professionals

Literature and cinema play a vital role in shaping up our personality. Love, joy, happiness, anguish, struggle, success are some of the emotions we experience in the course of over lives. And cinema is the vicarious platform where we watch, relate, learn, and imbibe such qualities and try to foster the human beings which we […]

Top 10 Engineering Colleges other than IITs, NITs.

Despite the extremities and abstruse nature of its entrance exams and course-curricula, Engineering remains one of the most sought-after courses amongst students after class 12th. Students across all social and economical levels put a great amount of effort in their pursuit of bagging a seat in the premier public institutes like Indian Institutes of Technology and National Institutes […]

TECH-A-MOMENT 3: Top 10 Trending tech news.

From Cambridge Analytica’s user privacy shenanigans to India becoming the 3rd largest producer of electricity, a lot has happened in past few weeks in lieu of technology across the world. Here is our pick of top 10 tech news in this segment of TECH-A-MOMENT 3: Top 10 Trending tech news. We have a lot to cover so […]