Karnataka Elections 2018 : The Premise

As the people of Karnataka gear up to choose their representative in the upcoming State Legislative Assembly elections, the ambiance is stated to be a little more than just boiled up in the coming few days. With a cavalry of sly innuendos hurled by the political hotheads at each other and IPL matches being shifted […]

How to make friends in College

College life is full of excitements, opportunities, new ventures. In college we meet complete strangers and the wondrous, unpredictable nature of this very venture will require us to make some really good companionship along the way.  To make really good friends requires some real conscious effort from our side so as to make this journey a […]


In the present era of rampant growth of internet, Cyberbullying is the biggest challenge for the legislators to deal with. Cyberbullying or Cyber harassment is actually texting or posting unwanted and repeated comments and including any threatening, insulting, nudity, dehumanizing gestures, rumors, sexual remarks or victim’s personal information;  or pejorative labels, by a student or an […]