5 Must visit places near Delhi

By Aditya Roy

September 22, 2020

The city of Delhi is amicably positioned at almost the heart of this enormous nation called India. Delhi’s location is such, that many popular and offbeat holiday destinations are in its close vicinity.

Be it the ancient forts and temples, snowy hill stations, or the wilderness, these beautiful destinations are all the more alluring.

We have put together a list of 5 must visit places near Delhi in winter that should definitely find place in your holiday plans.

So call you friends, pack your bags, get set and go….

Wilayat Mahal : Chanakyapuri area of New Delhi

Let’s begin from our lovely city itself. If you want some adrenaline to kick in this winter, then Wilayat Mahal is the place for you and your friends.

Located in the woods of Chanakyapuri area of New Delhi, lies the Wilayat Mahal, or erstwhile Malcha Mahal. Legend has it, that this place once belonged to the the last of one of the royal families of Oudh. 

The ruler at the time, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, was portrayed as dissolute, and so extravagant that he was spending his 250-year-old kingdom into bankruptcy and chaos.

After the annexation, the nawab was exiled to Calcutta and died there three decades later. The other members of his extensive family dispersed across the country as well which was how Ali Raza, the prince who liked to call himself Cyrus, finally came to live in the ruined Malcha Mahal palace in Delhi.

Begum Wilayat Mahal of Awadh, the Begum of Oudh and the great granddaughter of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah was given the palace by the Government of India in May 1985.

This was done as compensation since these lands were seized from the Nawab by the British more than a century ago. 

No one knows exactly when the reclusive Raza, who was 58, met his end. His body was found on September 2 by a group of staff from a nearby earth station, which transmits signals to satellites put into orbit by India’s space agency.

The earth station stands next to Malcha Mahal within the Ridge, a long belt of forested land.

Home of Dalai Lama : McLeodganj

McLeod Ganj is in Dharamshala,  in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is known as “Little Lhasa” or “Dhasa” because of its large population of Tibetans.

The village is named after Lord David McLeod, the English lieutenant governor of Punjab, who founded it in 1848 as a retreat from the heat of the plains. The suffix Ganj is a common Hindi word for neighbourhood.

The serene, peaceful and beautiful surroundings of Mc Leod Ganj can soothe your mind and make you forget all your tension. Lodges and restaurants here are not too expensive, thus it isn’t a costly affair to take a trip to this historic city.
McLeodganj is famous for its culture, crafts, etc. 

The shopping experience in McLeodganj is worth remembering, provided you know how to bargain and purchase the local items of the place such as Tibetan mats and carpets.The area is also famous for its jewelry. Handmade paintings are a hit there, are beautifully made and a perfect gift to give someone.

Nearest Railway station : Kangra Mandir                          Nearest Airport : Kangra

Distance from Delhi    :   483 KM

Mukteshwar : Uttarakhand

Mukteshwar is a pleasing destination situated at an elevation of 2,285mts above sea level in Nainital district of Uttarakhand state.

 Mukteshwar got its name from a 350year old temple Mukteshwer Dham whose residing deity is Lord Shiva. The top of the mountain on which Mukteshwar Temple stands offers astonishing and marvellous views of the imposing Himalayan range.

Mukteshwar was developed by the Britishers as research and education institute (IVRI) in 1893. Perched atop a hill in a remote corner of Kumaon hills, Mukteshwar is bounded by fruit orchards and coniferous forests.

The important places to check out here are the Mukteshwar Dham, Methodist Church, Renewable Park and the sunset point.

Nearest railway station : Kathgodam                                       Nearest Airport : Pant Nagar 

Distance from Delhi : 330 kilometers

Shoja Valley : Himachal Pradesh

Just off the Kullu highway and a part of the Great Himalayan National Park, Shoja is a beautiful offbeat destination. It is a stunning place full of natural beauty and apple orchards.

Shoja is a 480 kilometres drive from Delhi and provides a couple of sightseeing options such as Serolsar Lake and Raghupur Fort.

The Waterfall Point is one of the popular destinations in Shoja that can be reached by 1 km walk from Shoja. The trek to Raghupur Fort is short but little difficult trail.

The only accommodation option in Shoja is the Banjara Retreats property. It has well kept ten double rooms and two family suites. The more adventurous can seek out the Forest Rest House or the PWD Rest House nearby.

The best time to visit Shoja is during May and June. Shoja can be reached by vehicles from Kullu or public buses plying to Jalori Pass.

Nearest railway station : Shimla                                Distance from Delhi : 483 kilometers


A photographer’s paradise, Kasauli is one of the best places to visit near Delhi in December within 300 kilometers and is a sight to behold.

 Dotted with houses from the colonial era, the town has a lot in store for everybody, even the whiskey lovers with its famous Kasauli brewery.

Kasauli is blessed with natural splendor and the pleasant weather, beautiful terrain and comfortable hilly track makes a perfect opportunity to trek Cherishing the local attractions one can have a pleasant time from dawn to dusk trekking in the hilly terrain.

A good tracksuit and shoes and you are all set to explore Kasauli.

Nearest railway station : Sonwara, Himachal Pradesh                            Nearest Airport : Chandigarh Airport

Distance from Delhi : 293 kilometers

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