5 Must-Read books for students in 2019

The image above has a chapter titled “life is a journey”, and books help us to navigate through the various ridges, and hills of  life. Reading is the best kind of refreshment that you need from your hectic study schedule, and what best time can there be to start a new hobby, then the beginning of […]

Top 3 Easy Memory Tricks every student must know

Every now and then, all of us come across some exam or the other. We put a lot of efforts by organizing notes, understanding concepts, making charts and tables, memorizing definitions and what not. Yet, during exams we are unable to recall important stuffs, and mostly due to fear of loosing marks we tend to […]

5 Must visit places near Delhi

The city of Delhi is amicably positioned at almost the heart of this enormous nation called India. Delhi’s location is such, that many popular and offbeat holiday destinations are in its close vicinity. Be it the ancient forts and temples, snowy hill stations, or the wilderness, these beautiful destinations are all the more alluring. We […]

Tips to Stay Awake for Exams

The end semester exams are just a week away, and you haven’t yet started your preparations. You were busy finishing that all important project, managing college fest activity or perhaps were too caught up with that abroad internship, and were striving hard to earn your stipend or probably you were to busy finishing the last […]

Tips for Students : The Night before ,and the day of, an exam

During college, there often comes up situations where we have just one day left for our very important exam ,and despite our infinite revisions we are little edgy. Most of us prefer to give up that last bit of revision either because we are over-confident or we are suffer from a cognitive overload, and we […]

Class Connect : Now a part of NASSCOM 10000 startups

Kudos!! And a big pat on the back for Class Connect (Bunad Technologies Services Pvt. Ltd.) on getting designated for the incubation programme at NASSCOM 10,000 Startups warehouse in Noida Sector-126. We would like to express our warmest gratitude to Dr.Sunil k Shekhawat, Mr. Abhay Vaish,  Mr. Rajnish Kapur and Mr. Nikhil Sharma, for believing […]

LIBERATING : Section 377

What seemed like an eternal battle between believers and non-believers, a battle of unprecedented demands, and a struggle for freedom to express desired sexual orientation has finally run its course. As the honorable Supreme Court of India has decriminalized same-sex marriage, in short section 377 of the Indian Penal Code has been repealed. While the self-confessed, […]

Travel & Explore 2 : 5 Unexplored Places to Visit in India

We suppose there is still some gas left in your tank, and it’s difficult to put a leash on your wanderlust and if you still can’t get enough out of the places mentioned in the previous list, then here we are back again with another set 6 of unexplored places to visit in India. Prepare […]

Travel & Explore : 5 Unexplored Places in India

After quilting you with a list of unusually attractive and extravagant places from around the world. We now take our safari wagon to our homeland India. This article enlists some of the unexplored places of India, one must visit. So pack you bags, tighten your seatbelts, and brace yourselves for the ultimate thrill ride.  1. […]

Travel&Explore : 5 Unexplored destinations for you

       “Look deep into the nature and you will                       understand everything better” – Albert Einstein Rightly so!!. And it is perhaps because of his deep insights of nature, the inquisitiveness regarding natural happenings, and the urge to understand mother nature,  Einstein and many others […]