Politicking: The controversial Rafale Deal

India and France India and France relationship has been there from the colonial era with France maintaining a colonial presence in the subcontinent with Puducherry being one of its major strongholds. Indo- Franc strategic partnership took shape in 1998 in the areas that include defense, counter-terrorism, nuclear energy and space.  France’s constant support for India […]

Top 10 adventure sports in India

With the rate of development going in India, leisure sports are also experiencing a boom utilizing the adventure filled terrain of the country. The mountains, beaches, oceans and deserts, all provide great opportunity for adventure sports. 1. River Rafting River Rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports in India. It is a fun […]

Kerala floods : An overview

Kerala witnessed havoc in the form of floods that are said to be worse in a century.It rained continuously for five days that ravaged several parts of Kerala. More than 800 million people have been displaced with death tolls rising up to at least 370 and infrastructure losses pegged at almost $3 billion. Effected areas […]

Economy: Dollar vs Rupee

The Indian rupee, with the growing heft of the U.S. dollar and its struggle with the high international crude oil prices, is currently in not a very good state. In June, rupee lost almost 8% since january 1 and is the worst performing currency in ASIA this year. The upcoming financial year 2019 may turn […]

POLI-TICKLING : Key Highlights from Modi’s Independence Day Speech 2018

72nd Independence Day India celebrated its 72nd Independence Day with prime minister Narendra Modi addressing for the final time in his current tenure from the historic Red Fort and highlighted the achievements for the NDA government such as Swachha Bharat, Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna, GST, Mudra Loans and Startup India as well. There was […]

Do you use PhonePe? You need to see this.

Do you find yourself belonging to the mass suffering from the epidemic of PhonePe money transfer funda that lets you earn little tokens of 50- 100 after sending money to at least 20 users, then you are ought to know how you are being manipulated into being a money-making machine. Brief Introduction PhonePe is a […]

Leadership style – Vladimir Putin

President of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the second most powerful person on earth can be considered as the perfect example of an autocratic leadership. He knows all the cards of the game and has lived a life full of adventure and games of power. Renowned for his laconic speech and alpha personality, Mr Putin has […]

Imran Khan : The new face of Pakistan

Early Life and Cricketing career The charming new Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan is the inspiration for the youth of Pakistan. Khan was born in a Pashtun family in Lahore. His life has been full of luxuries and adventures. He rose to popularity through cricket and emerged as one of the finest cricketers Pakistan […]