Avengers Endgame : The Philosophical Angle

By Aditya Roy

September 22, 2020

The last chapter in the decade long cinematic novel has finally been written, and Avengers Endgame is here. As far as the ambiguity over what happens, who survives, and who succumbs, the cinema is already out there so you can checkout yourselves.  

For someone like me who has been a MCU fan since college days, this gigantic compilation of 22 movies has been more like parallel life journey. 

Unlike many Marvel Nerds out there who have had this Marvel obsession since 2008 when Iron Man came out, or even before that, when they were reading Marvel Comics, my Marvel Journey started from my Undergrad days, and yes I can say that I did become a MCU fanatic.

This article right here, is more of a philosophical one where together we would try understand and imbibe in our lives, some of the important life lessons Avengers Endgame has taught us, or I should say tried to teach us all. 

O By the way, for those who haven’t seen Avengers Endgame yet, for them, a spoiler alert is now in effect.

Mindfulness & Resourcefulness : Ant-Man

Scott lang : Who Me?? Resourceful, are you sure about that??

Absolutely. In the MCU, placed as more of a comic release cum ancillary superhero, our biggest-little Avenger surprised all of us in the Endgame.

Mostly known for his witty one-liners and a disarrayed life, Scott Lang a.k.a Ant-Man, who stole the Ant-Man suit from Hank Pym, after returning back from the Quantum Realm, is mindful enough to come up with this brilliant plan of travelling back in time and collecting the Infinity Stones, while our other genius and righteous Avengers were quarreling over trust issues.  

Yeah, even Hank Pym is having a hard time wrapping his head around this spoiler. 

It was originally Scott’s idea to at least design a quantum tunnel and go back in time to bring back the lost ones based on his previous experience, and of course as result of his degree in electrical engineering, well who said college degree won’t help you in real world.

He is also able to convince our arrogant Tony Stark to modify his quantum tunnel and take the risk of altering the space-time continuity. 

Scott tell his fellow Avengers to use his precious stock of Pym-particles very judiciously, which by the way tells us all how to make the most of whatever we have at our disposal. Signs of being resourceful.

Mindfulness comes with a lot of meditation. It helps you to outsmart and out think your contemporaries in the most extreme and tumultuous situations. Just like in the case of Scott Lang. 

Among the many positive outcomes of mindfulness, for example, scientific studies point to a heartier immune system, lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of stress-related illnesses.

The ability to focus and remain concentrated gives the mind space to make informed decisions and effectively determine priorities. And anyone who’s ever had a sleepless night knows what a gift quality sleep can be.

On the whole, by giving ourselves just a few minutes of mindful “me” time each day, we begin to feel calmer and happier, and we find that life’s inevitable challenges are becoming more workable. 

Conquering ones former-self : Captain America

There comes a time in every mans life where he has to confront his former self in order to rediscover and unleash his true potential. Our first Avenger a.k.a Captain Steve Rogers is forced to go through the very same journey where he has to challenge his idealist principles

Throughout the MCU, Captain Steve Rogers is known for his honesty and righteousness, and being the moral compass of the Avengers.

But, in this last chapter with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his true character is put to to test. In a scene from the movie in order to recapture “Loki’s Scepter” , Captain is caught in the same scenario as he was in the Movie Captain America Winter Soldier. 

He is in the lift surrounded with bunch of undercover Hydra agents. and he has to rescue the Scepter. But , this time around in order to fulfill the greater purpose in mind , captain rogers chooses to shed his honesty and fighting spirit aside and does the unthinkable.

 In order to win their confidence, Captain America whispers the old Hydra War Cry, “Hail Hydra” and assures the he is on their side, and quietly walks away with the scepter.

What one can derive from this scene is that 

To get to that place where we can we can recognize the inner voice inside us, we must learn to listen to our intuition.

To find a quiet place, where we can sit down alone with ourselves. Behind all the masks, behind all the lies, behind all the social norms.

When we repeat clichés, when we generalize, we stop speaking out of own uniqueness. We hide behind “We” and “They” because we are too afraid to know “Me.”

We lack the conviction to stand behind our truth. So we learn to speak and behave like others just so we can avoid others confronting our own truth.

You end up believing something that you are not.

In this contradicting nature, you end up missing the truth. You mistake the truth for lies, making you terrible at distinguishing which from which.

Trust and Friendship

Times are tough, but these two BFFs are always by each other side. Hawkeye sat Infinity War out after making a deal with the government that let him have his freedom if he didn’t go back to his vigilante ways.

After failing to retrieve the Infinity Stones and killing Thanos, the team is at a loss until half a decade later when Scott Lang turns up with a plan to send everyone back in time to collect the Infinity Stones before Thanos. Clint and Natasha are sent to Vormir. 

Fans who’ve lived through Infinity War will likely remember it as the place where Gamora was sacrificed so that Thanos could gain control of the Soul Stone.

Natasha and Clint must battle over who will die in order for the Soul Stone to be retrieved. It’s heartfelt, thoughtful, and wildly entertaining as they fight one another to get to the edge of the cliff. 

It seems like it’s obvious who will go; Clint has killed many, many people as his Ronin identity. Nat, meanwhile, has spent the last five years attempting to make the world better and help those who are left.

But ultimately it’s Nat who makes the sacrifice to die so Clint can retrieve the Soul Stone. What do they teach us?

Most people will agree that trust is an important element in their friendships. What does “trust” mean? And why is it important in friendship?

Trust can mean something slightly, or dramatically, different to each of us. Being clear with your friends about what trusts does mean to you can be the first step in building trust in those friendships. 

Think about the words you associate with trust — dependability, responsibility, integrity, honesty, and commitment are some words that might help to understand and clarify the meaning of trust for each of us.

In friendships, as in all relationships, trust is one of the foundational building blocks. We need trust to establish and deepen our friendships.

Trust allows us to feel safe with friends: safe to make plans and safe to share ourselves and our lives. Trust requires that we keep our promises and show demonstrations of dependability, respect, and honour.

Parents and Children Relationship

Let’s be honest for once. Howard Stark and Tony Stark’s relationship has been like any typical father son. In the second installment of the Iron man series Tony confesses to Fury that his father was a very cold and calculated person. He never told Tony that he loved him.

Even when Tony performs the therapeutic experiment to resolve his personal grief of an early loss of his parents, he has in store the cold side of his father in his memory. 

Howard Stark himself had a lot of resentment for not being able to give enough time to his wife and kid in the process of greater good, but we as fans only get to see the soft side of Howard Stark in Avengers Endgame.

Yes, it is when Tony and Steve Rogers decide to go back in time to collect the tesseract form the old SHIELD facility.

It is here when Tony gets to meet the a mid life Howard Stark who is expecting a baby soon. Senior Stark tell Tony, who hides his identity by taking up the name Howard Potts. It is here when Tony gets to know the soft and compassionate side of his father. How his scientific commitments made him a strong cold person.

Tony realizes so much about this father and gives him a goodbye hug, very sarcastically thanking his father for all he had done for Tony and the rest of the world.

So, the point of telling this whole story is the fact that parents are the most misunderstood people in ones life. It’s important from a child and parents point of view to understand each other.

As a father, the relationship you develop with your son or daughter is very important to them. This bond is built through the care, time, and attention you give to your child.

Just like mothers, fathers have some things to learn before feeling comfortable in their new role. Believe in yourself! Find activities that you like doing with your baby, and together, take the time to get to know each other. The bond you build with your child will grow over time.

Children’s relationships with their father have an effect on how they relate to other children and adults.

But both parents should agree on family rules. A shared approach to discipline will be valuable for years to come. Parenting is easier when the parents can count on each other’s support. The whole family benefits.

I sincerely hope that all of us have something or the other in this enormous journey of 22 movies spanning over 11years, and will be able to learn a thing or to from our fictional super heroes. 

After all cinema is a vicarious platform where get to live lives form another, relatable yet unimaginable context and learn a great deed.

Feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section below.

“Part of the journey is the end, so enjoy every moment”

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