Top 15 Best And Most Anticipated Movies of 2019

2018 was the ultimate thrill ride with some really great adrenaline pumping movies which captivated movie goers. With the hope that the coming year would raise the bar, and take us to the next level of cinematic experience. Here is the list of movies everybody is ready to watch in 2019. 1. Avengers : Endgame […]

5 Must visit places near Delhi

The city of Delhi is amicably positioned at almost the heart of this enormous nation called India. Delhi’s location is such, that many popular and offbeat holiday destinations are in its close vicinity. Be it the ancient forts and temples, snowy hill stations, or the wilderness, these beautiful destinations are all the more alluring. We […]

Travel & Explore 2 : 5 Unexplored Places to Visit in India

We suppose there is still some gas left in your tank, and it’s difficult to put a leash on your wanderlust and if you still can’t get enough out of the places mentioned in the previous list, then here we are back again with another set 6 of unexplored places to visit in India. Prepare […]

Travel & Explore : 5 Unexplored Places in India

After quilting you with a list of unusually attractive and extravagant places from around the world. We now take our safari wagon to our homeland India. This article enlists some of the unexplored places of India, one must visit. So pack you bags, tighten your seatbelts, and brace yourselves for the ultimate thrill ride.  1. […]

Travel&Explore : 5 Unexplored destinations for you

       “Look deep into the nature and you will                       understand everything better” – Albert Einstein Rightly so!!. And it is perhaps because of his deep insights of nature, the inquisitiveness regarding natural happenings, and the urge to understand mother nature,  Einstein and many others […]

Top 10 adventure sports in India

With the rate of development going in India, leisure sports are also experiencing a boom utilizing the adventure filled terrain of the country. The mountains, beaches, oceans and deserts, all provide great opportunity for adventure sports. 1. River Rafting River Rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports in India. It is a fun […]

MBA and more and…… Facts and trivia uncovered

MBA and facts and more……. MBA , an acronym for Master of Business Administration. A career that gives your economic ambitions wings. Providing your leadership qualities and management skills a real boost . But is MBA really worth spending on? The most common exams for taking admission to the best MBA institutes of our country […]

POLI-TICKLING : Key Highlights from Modi’s Independence Day Speech 2018

72nd Independence Day India celebrated its 72nd Independence Day with prime minister Narendra Modi addressing for the final time in his current tenure from the historic Red Fort and highlighted the achievements for the NDA government such as Swachha Bharat, Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna, GST, Mudra Loans and Startup India as well. There was […]

Watch&Learn : TV Series that help improve your Vocabulary

The following list of TV series is not based on any popularity metric rather they are based on the pure generic opinion of their viewers, who have considered their plots and dialogues to be engaging, interesting, and at the same time highly instructive in so far as the developing communication and other interpersonal skills are […]

Travel&Explore : Top 5 Must-visit Places in College time

What is the one thing that people regret about their college years? Many alumni will say they wish they had taken the opportunity to travel or study abroad. So many students graduate without taking the leap and traveling, then regret it later. Now, more than ever, it is becoming increasingly important for college students to travel and […]