LIBERATING : Section 377

What seemed like an eternal battle between believers and non-believers, a battle of unprecedented demands, and a struggle for freedom to express desired sexual orientation has finally run its course. As the honorable Supreme Court of India has decriminalized same-sex marriage, in short section 377 of the Indian Penal Code has been repealed. While the self-confessed,

POLI-TICKLING : The No-Confidence Motion

The lackluster performance of the Indian National Congress and its allies in the recently concluded Karnataka elections silently pre-empts the debacle that the Rahul Gandhi-led UPA is about to suffer at the hands of the BJP-led NDA. Despite certain hiccups in its alliance with TDP and the self-confessed custodians of Maharastra, Shiv Sena, Narendra Modi’s

10 Must Read Books

” A mind needs books like a sword needs whetstone if it is to keep its edge”                        – Tyrion of House Lannister So here is the list of 10 Must Read Books for this month to get you back on the reading  spree. But

Karnataka Elections 2018 : The Premise

As the people of Karnataka gear up to choose their representative in the upcoming State Legislative Assembly elections, the ambiance is stated to be a little more than just boiled up in the coming few days. With a cavalry of sly innuendos hurled by the political hotheads at each other and IPL matches being shifted