In the present era of rampant growth of internet, Cyberbullying is the biggest challenge for the legislators to deal with. Cyberbullying or Cyber harassment is actually texting or posting unwanted and repeated comments and including any threatening, insulting, nudity, dehumanizing gestures, rumors, sexual remarks or victim’s personal information;  or pejorative labels, by a student or an

Top Ten Women Engineering Colleges In India

Despite the great walk made towards gender equality over the last century, there is still a number of arenas where women are underrepresented in the workforce. According to current scenario, Engineering is one of them. But women are not far behind, they are fluttering in this field too. To encourage the women education in technical

TECH-A-MOMENT 4: Top 10 Trending Tech News

Here is your fortnightly dose about what’s been happening in the world of science and technology in this session of TECH-A-MOMENT 4 : Top 10 Trending Tech News  1. MADAD App Indian Railways i.e. The national transporter is going to launch a dedicated mobile application — rather appropriately named ‘MADAD’ (Mobile Application for Desired Assistance During