College Education : Crafting and Winning as Undergrads

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my Education.” The above captivating excerpt by Mark Twain perfectly enchants about the state of affairs of the current education frameworks of the tech-savvy world engulfing the PARADOX within itself. Wasn’t Education as a concept introduced to you as a Rat Race? Let me simplify it for […]

Do you use PhonePe? You need to see this.

Do you find yourself belonging to the mass suffering from the epidemic of PhonePe money transfer funda that lets you earn little tokens of 50- 100 after sending money to at least 20 users, then you are ought to know how you are being manipulated into being a money-making machine. Brief Introduction PhonePe is a […]

TECH-A-MOMENT 8 : Top 10 Smartphones under ₹ 20,000

It’s a new session in college, and all are looking forward to making the most out of there time and schedule this semester. The new semester brings us a hell lot of new aspirations and goals. Simultaneously it is that time where most of us would be looking to update ourselves with new accessories, gadgets, […]

TECH-A-MOMENT 7 : Top 5 trending tech news

A lot has happened around the world insofar as science & technology is concerned. So we are back with this edition of TECH-A-MOMENT 7, with a bundle of very important and interesting Top 5 trending tech news which will decide the course of our lives over next few months. Brace yourselves for this tech-ride. 1. […]

TECH-A-MOMENT 6 : Must-have Tools for students

Holidays and vacations have come to an end as the summer months are on the verge of conclusion. There would be some who return to their regular rhythm of work and study, while there would be others who would be all rejuvenated and gearing up after the hectic admission processes to begin their exciting journey […]

TECH-A-MOMENT 5 : Gadgets for Vlogging

The rush to become a worldwide YouTube sensation has seen an enormous amount of growth in the last 5 years or so. With 1000 of videos being uploaded on the digital platform on a daily basis via different platforms, there are just handful of talented people who have made a name for themselves in the […]


In the present era of rampant growth of internet, Cyberbullying is the biggest challenge for the legislators to deal with. Cyberbullying or Cyber harassment is actually texting or posting unwanted and repeated comments and including any threatening, insulting, nudity, dehumanizing gestures, rumors, sexual remarks or victim’s personal information;  or pejorative labels, by a student or an […]

Top Ten Women Engineering Colleges In India

Despite the great walk made towards gender equality over the last century, there is still a number of arenas where women are underrepresented in the workforce. According to current scenario, Engineering is one of them. But women are not far behind, they are fluttering in this field too. To encourage the women education in technical […]

TECH-A-MOMENT 4: Top 10 Trending Tech News

Here is your fortnightly dose about what’s been happening in the world of science and technology in this session of TECH-A-MOMENT 4 : Top 10 Trending Tech News  1. MADAD App Indian Railways i.e. The national transporter is going to launch a dedicated mobile application — rather appropriately named ‘MADAD’ (Mobile Application for Desired Assistance During […]

TECH-A-MOMENT 3: Top 10 Trending tech news.

From Cambridge Analytica’s user privacy shenanigans to India becoming the 3rd largest producer of electricity, a lot has happened in past few weeks in lieu of technology across the world. Here is our pick of top 10 tech news in this segment of TECH-A-MOMENT 3: Top 10 Trending tech news. We have a lot to cover so […]