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By Aditya Roy

September 22, 2020


– Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci

Rightly said!!. Isn’t it. Still wondering why?

Well, we all know that 21st century is also known as the digital age, or precisely “The age of Simplification”, where things may seem a tat-bit sophisticated & complex, just with the right resources we can conceive simplicity. From a nations’ viewpoint we are not far behind in embracing all things digital. Let’s see how. Form banking to socializing, from education to high-quality entertainment, from tracing location to navigation, from attenuation to amplification, from craving for things to getting them and feeling the ultimate gratification and what not!!!. The list goes on and on. All you have to do is to point at the issue and there are a plethora of applications to look from out on the digital platform to cater to your problems with their secure and easy to access Real-Time solutions.

At times people have raised great concern and doubt over the veracity of content. The people who are most affected by this are our youngsters especially college students and professionals who suffer a lot, as much of their valuable time and energy gets consumed in filtering and arranging requisite content. As a result, they often find themselves caught between two stools. This fast-paced world is being driven by people having multi-dimensional skills, and a majority of them rely heavily on the most easily accessible repository i.e. the world-wide-web and surplus supply of web-based applications. Such skill enhancement can only be achieved with ample time devotion and by synchronizing plans with absolutely authentic resources. Hence to exemplify sophistication.


All of this seems like a problem. Doesn’t it??. Yes, it does. Well as stated earlier, every issue on the web has its solution then and there.

Here comes ClassConnect. A web and mobile-based application software, especially handcrafted for college students. A one-stop solution to segregate work/academia related assignments/schedules/notifications/reminders with past-time conversations with colleagues/classmates and leisure activities and hobbies.

It’s off the charts features will certainly simplify things for the users, give them an edge amidst their peers and help them sustain their elegance.

Wanna know how?Let’s take a look at its awesome features.

  • Interactive UI ClassConnect provides you with its Interactive UI which lets you have a separate section for documents, notification, and messages. This lets you to easily scavenge important and necessary content from large chunks of memes and unwanted stuff.
  • Synchronization.Let’s you to synchronize your daily routine with your class/work schedule with it’s “My Schedule” & “Work Schedule”. And hence helps you to manage time for hobbies and other co-curricular activities.
  • Notification. The Notifications feature separately reminds you about the schedule of commencement and in exceptional cases regarding the cancellation of class or meeting.
  • Group & Moderator Most messaging apps have the “group” feature with mostly creator being the moderator until the lifetime of the group. The “ClassConnect” app allows the group members to vote and choose a moderator or group leader from amongst themselves. So once there are 10 members in the group, an automatic voting takes place for the election of the moderator.
  • Moderator voting is accessible in class group page and is changeable as an when felt feasible by the group members.
  • Documents/Notes feature lets you to share and categorize important notes and documents in an appropriate manner.
  • Cloud backing. ClassConnect is cloud backed. Every time some content is uploaded by the group moderator, it straightaway gets stored safely in the cloud . Thus even if the content or notes get erased from your mobile device, you can still directly log in with the web version and retrieve the content in real-time. Free from the heckle of re-uploading.
  • Interests and skills Once you sign-up, In profile section you can add interests and skills, which is also asked in the very beginning, on the basis of that you will see user result in finder section, you can filter it, sort it put a combination of both.

Other than this ClassConnect prevents you from being a victim of fake and lucrative advertisements, often cause hindrance in real-time flow of content.




Google Play Link

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So what are you waiting for? Go to the play store or app store and install this amazing app which makes things simple for you so that your demeanor reflects sophistication.



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