College Education : Crafting and Winning as Undergrads

By Sonali Sourav

September 22, 2020

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my Education.” 

The above captivating excerpt by Mark Twain perfectly enchants about the state of affairs of the current education frameworks of the tech-savvy world engulfing the PARADOX within itself.

Wasn’t Education as a concept introduced to you as a Rat Race? Let me simplify it for you, Just let your memory run through the old and monopolistic phase of your life, i.e, your 10th Grade , which ironically was claimed to be the most crucial episode of your life .

Now lets come into that blurred and obscure snap when you were confronting with your 10th grade result.



  •  If you get above 85% – Here, you would fall into level 1. You would be made to pick Science because 85% means you have a lot of POTENTIAL (which is completely lacking in others,maybe).
  • If your scores are between 60%-85% – You are into level 2. All hope is not lost yet, here, you are allowed to take up Commerce.
  • If you score below 60% : This is the level where they will let you follow your DREAMS , because you have crushed everyone else’s hopes, so no room for expectations. 
Now, there are only rooms for your Improvisations , feeding solely on your Digital Visions and Analogous Approach !

Millions of Students go through each and every single day because our education system prioritizes GRADES over actual Learning. 

Grading Gamble !

Are there only four to five disciplines which would corroborate your area of interest as well as your profession? Is it goes like, either you will be an Engineer,Doctor, Lawyer or just another DISAPPOINTMENT ?

NO, Surely Not. The Papers only says ,”Marking is a Judgement, Not a Measurement“. A study by THE HINDU , suggests that Undergraduates awarded low scores for their work may receive top marks if they are graded by another academic frontier.

Instead of a Doctor OR an engineer.....

Youngsters today are looking at pushing the career envelope to teach Yoga, do Cat Doodles or volunteer with an NGO.

Whether it is buying a cup of coffee or choosing career options or college options for higher studies, opportunities and choices have increased to the point where decision making occupies much of our time.Undoubtedly, Indians have known to gravitate towards the more lucrative and “Safer” fields such as ENGINEERING And MEDICINE.

With the increasing variety in courses and certification programs in umpteen different subjects, Now students are able to discover different paths to realize their careers. There are many Gateways to your Dreams, It just that you have to know about it and pursue it.

One more Entrance to your Hope!

Although the freedom of Choice seems limitless, the decision ultimately comes down to choosing between science , Arts and Commerce. When confronted with the prospects of choosing careers , How many students are equipped to make an informed Decision?

There are innumerable examinations and courses which you can opt for being an undergraduate or a post-Graduate. These Examinations may roll you to the place which could belong just beside your Aspirations!.

So, lets begin with the 10 Unusual Courses You Did not know Existed :

If you Graduate with a clear specialization that matches your Personality, priorities and Personal Goals , then you are the right individual to discover some of the less-trodden academic pathways.

Did you know that you can get a degree in Pet grooming or Puppetry?Or that you could earn a whooping amount by tasting TEA? Or that hacking pays? So before proceeding further with your current scenario, have a look at these options :

1.Bachelor of Rural Studies -If your heart lies in the Indian Villages! The course gives you an opportunity to engage in various rural and community development activities.It covers the topics like animal husbandry,forestry,farm management,agriculture,etc. After completing the course , you can apply for jobs at various government, public and private organisations that work for rural issues.

How to apply?

Some colleges in Gujarat , Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh offer the course . Bhavnagar University in Gujarat offers Bachelor and Masters in Rural Studies.


One of the oldest form of entertainment , puppetry is much more than just playing with people.Over a period of time , this art, which was in danger of getting lost , is again gaining recognition and appreciation.

Where to apply?

Mumbai University offers a Certificate Course in Puppetry.The course is conducted by renowned theatre personality and puppeteer, Meena Naik .Calcutta Puppet theatre will soon start a puppet academy which will cover all theoretical and practical aspects of the art.

2.Ethical Hacking – It is for all those who hack friends’ social networking accounts for ‘Fun’, for those who are good at cracking passwords and unlocking a locked system, those who spend a majority of time experimenting with various codes.

Many big companies look for ethical Hackers for various security purposes. The average Salary ranges between rs 2-5 lacs for a fresher and after an experience of five to six years , you can easily command a salary of s 10-12 lacs annually, depending on your skills.

Where to Apply?

Institutes like Indian School of Ethical Hacking and Institute of Information Security offer various courses in Ethical Hacking. There is a short course of 15 days offered by ARIZONA Infotech in Pune.

Now, talking on a more academic front, there are various examinations that are held at different phases of the year that accounts for an extended credibility for the students. You can apply in these examinations anytime you fl prepared as per the deadlines by these institutions.

1. International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad-                                                                                        Lateral Entry Admissions to Dual Degree Programmes –>This is a specialized mode of Admission for students who will successfully complete first two years of their B.E/B.Tech study in any Engineering College and have a strong desire to work on Research Programs.

Admissions are restricted to 

a.Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering and Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering by Research.

b.Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering and Master of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering by Research.

Admission is based on performance in an Entrance Examination(Computer based test) and an Interview.Applicant should have an aggregate of 80% marks(or 8/10 cumulative grade point average )at the end of their 3rd Semester.)It can be applied in the link as provided in the IIIT ,Hyderabad college site.

There are many other technical education options in India like the above institution and it is known as B.Tech Lateral Entry(L.E).

Education Qualifications Required for B.Tech Lateral Entry : If you are planning to apply for B.Tech LE ,then you must have successfully completed a 3 year diploma in Engineering.Most of the Engineering colleges in India require a 60%aggregate in 3-year Diploma after class 10 board or after your class 12 board examinations.

Some Deemed universities and Autonomous Institutes might conduct their own entrance examinations.

The list of the colleges which offer you this dual degree course are:

1. Calicut University Lateral Entry Entrance Exams.

2.Delhi Technical University Lateral Entry Entrance Examination.

3.Kerala University Lateral Entry Exam.

4.Lateral Entry entrance Test (LEET).

5.West Bengal University Joint Entrance Exam for Lateral Entry.(JELET) 

ESCALATE MORE ON THIS VIA THE LINK-                                                                                      offering-b-tech-lateral-entry/                           

Now dragging the curtains towards the periphery of this communicative and Elucidative facet of the Education system with the various possibilities it accommodates .There are scores of other carer options to choose from,which is not only limited to the above highlights.Strive for the best and it would not be scary at all, if you tke calculated risks and move forward in life as is traced from the mesmerizing threads of words said by H.Jackson Brown Jr. , quoting

 “Don’t say you don’t have enough time.You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller,Pasteur,Michelangelo,Mother Teresa,Leonardo Da Vinci,Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein.”


Lets take the Scenic Route to Success, following a fearless journey!


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