MBA and more and…… Facts and trivia uncovered

By Team Class Connect

August 13, 2020

MBA and facts and more.......

MBA , an acronym for Master of Business Administration. A career that gives your economic ambitions wings. Providing your leadership qualities and management skills a real boost . But is MBA really worth spending on? The most common exams for taking admission to the best MBA institutes of our country are, CAT, IIFT, XAT, TISS, MAHCET, MAT, NMAT, CMAT and SNAP. To name a few.

If money, a better financial life, a better prospect of promotion, leadership and management provides you the vibes then you’re in luck. The next few lines are going to change your life forever.

  We’ll be looking at certain myths and important facts regarding CAT, as this is the most commonly taken           MBA entrance in our country.



CAT, Common Admission Test

CAT is the most famous MBA entrance exam. Taken by at least one and a half lakh candidates every year. Preparation takes at least 3 months, provided you’re basics are clear.

The exam has 3 sections. The most important fact is that you cannot switch between sections. The three sections are Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation and Quantitative Aptitude.You get an hour to complete each section. Without completing Verbal you cannot shift to Data Interpretation. That’s the biggest catch in the exam.

Now, comes the trickiest part, the admission procedure. People having work experience are preferred even if your percentile is quite high it’s no guarantee of a call. So most of the students drop out get a job and get back to MBA in a couple of years time. There’s point for academic diversity, i.e. if you are an engineer, you are last in the queue to get a seat. The MBA colleges do this to increase the diversity of their respective campuses.Lastly there’s Gender diversity as well, women and trans are given a higher preference that mere male candidates.


The main reason for people not opting for MBA is the hefty fees it takes to get your dream college. Indian Institute of Managements are having an average fees of 15 lakhs for 2 years. The highest galloping to a mammoth 22 lakhs. Now that’s really costly.

The various parts on which you can specialize are, marketing, finance, operations, human resources  etc. The most useful thing which a better college provides are connections and a very well maintained alumni structure.They definitely help you in the longer run.

We’ll be talking in depth about the colleges and preparation methodologies in the upcoming blogs, so stay tuned.

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