POLI-TICKLING : Key Highlights from Modi’s Independence Day Speech 2018

By Saket Kumar Das

August 13, 2020

72nd Independence Day

India celebrated its 72nd Independence Day with prime minister Narendra Modi addressing for the final time in his current tenure from the historic Red Fort and highlighted the achievements for the NDA government such as Swachha Bharat, Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna, GST, Mudra Loans and Startup India as well. There was special mention of the army’s gallantry and its immensity in capabilities. Here are the key points put forward by Prime Minister Modi :-

Successful Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha

Modi explained how the proper consummation of the Parliament session was devoted to social justice for the poor and women. The parliament session witnessed the passage of Bill to create OBC Commission that was kept held for long.

Recent floods in the country

Prime Minister Modi expressed sorrow for the family that were affected by the heavy floods in Kerala and various other parts of the nation

India's space mission

Mr. Modi announced with great pleasure that in 2022, on the occasion of India’s 75th Independence Day, India will commence its first manned mission to space and the tricolor will be unfurled. With the success of the Mangalyan mission, this will be India’s first manned mission to space and register its name as the fourth nation in the world to do so.

On Subramania Bharati vision of India

Prime Minister Modi mentioned the great Tamil poet Subramanium Bharati had said that India will not only rise as a great nation, but will also inspire the others and how the NDA government will do so.

Indian economy

Modi explained how India was termed as a high-risk economy and how new reforms led to record-breaking economic growths and the fact that India is being heard effectively at the world stage.Keeping in mind the year 2013, the economy has improved manifold and for the coming three decades how India will be the economic engine of the nation.

Women empowerment

The Triple Talaq was the key issue in the context of women empowerment. It was by Mr. Modi ensured that the Triple Talaq will be abolished soon and their hopes will be fulfilled. Women officers commissioned in short service will get opportunity of permanent commission like their male counterparts.

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