TECH-A-MOMENT 6 : Must-have Tools for students

By Aditya Roy

September 23, 2020

Holidays and vacations have come to an end as the summer months are on the verge of conclusion. There would be some who return to their regular rhythm of work and study, while there would be others who would be all rejuvenated and gearing up after the hectic admission processes to begin their exciting journey of college. As Universities get deep into the semester, one can gear up for success with the help of these must-have tools for students. Whether you’re counting down to graduation, or you’re still green around the edges, these handy tools will help you make the most of your collegiate experience.


It may not be at the top of your college prep to-do list, the bag you carry to classes every day is an important consideration, and that old high-school backpack may not suffice. As you’re most likely to be covering a lot more distance, than usual, with heavy books in college. The right bag will keep your gear and you safe and organized along the way.

There are real health problems you can develop by lugging around a loaded-down bag. Carrying too much in the wrong way puts strain on your back, shoulders, and neck. This can cause back pain and headaches. As a new college student, you have enough to worry about. Don’t add to it with a lousy bag!

Desk Organizer

Although mostly neglected, yet it’s one of the most useful dorm room tool that a student could ask for, there are tons of various organizers of all shapes and kinds, so anyone can find what suits them the most. The biggest advantage of having such desk organizer in your dorm room is that this way all your stuff will be well organized all the time, and you will thus reduce the possibility of losing some important notes, books or papers.

Bed Study Table

The posture or position one stays while studying matters a lot. Every posture depicts one thing or the other. And while you study, it is adviced you get on your study table and chair for concentration and focus. If you sit on the bed, you may be tempted to lie down ignorantly and if you attempt to do so, you have divided attention towards your studies.

Yet when winter arrives, it becomes extremely difficult to study in table-chair. One smart solution to this issue is the use of bed tables. They are designed for comfort and can be used for placing study material as well as laptops.

Bed tables prove to be very handy at times when dorm rooms are very small. tables for beds are uniquely designed to create an environment of comfort. There’s no fatigue that is usually caused by prolonged hours on the keyboard. You will feel the difference in working as you use these on your bed.

External Hard Drives

Consider an external hard drive an insurance policy of sorts. Back up your work, back up your files, back up your photos, should anything happen to your computer. In a tight dorm space (where, ahem, parties may or may not take place), accidents can and do happen. The Seagate Backup Plus Slim is a lightweight, affordable option with 2TB of storage that can also be used with mobile devices.

Power Surge Protector

While it isn’t exactly a tool, this power strip can protect all of your newfound electronic friends. At the same time, it extends the reach and capacity of your much-coveted outlets. What makes this device extra unique is that it bends to accommodate various plugs and adapters; you won’t have to waste a single outlet. If this sounds a bit too large to fit in your student living space, consider the smaller version with four outlets.


Smart phone

Moto G5s Plus (Lunar Grey, 64GB)
Redmi Y2 (Rose Gold, 32GB)
Redmi 5 (Black, 32GB)
RealMe 1 (D-Black, 6+128 GB)

This suggestion may seem fairly obvious, but the plethora of amazing apps available at your fingertips, including several tied to the Tools above, make the smartphone a student must-have. Load up your phone with these apps particularly handy for students:


If you decide to spend a semester abroad, or if your friends do, stay in touch via the WhatsApp real time messaging service  sans SMS fees. WhatsApp is also useful on the home front: Create customized messaging groups to share texts, audio and images with classmates and study buddies to stay on the same page.


Class Connect is a FREE utility app which acts as a medium to facilitate the management of common schedule and sharing of notes. The UI will let you to simply identify the status of classes for the whole week. Students will get instant notification if any class is cancelled or rescheduled. They can set a reminder to never miss any class. Share notes which will be classified on the basis of the subject all stored in the cloud and can be downloaded with any device. We provide an interface by which students can find other students on the basis of their interests and skills. With new developments students can share images or stories on the basis of the ‘topic/club’.

The app is available on all platforms.



Living on a student’s budget can be tough, so don’t be caught off guard with an overdraft fee. Stay on top of your finances (however minimal) with tracking app Mint. Customize your alert settings, and even set goals — maybe that spring break trip isn’t entirely out of reach.

This was the list of Must-have tools for college students. Which one is your favorite, do let us know in the comment section below.

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