Tips on how to read a book

By Aditya Roy

August 13, 2020

How to read a book The purpose of a book is not just to read it, but to remember what it has to say, so that you can apply its lessons.

1.Select the right books.

Book reviews help you select the books which are likely to speak to you!

2. Skim and scan. 

Reading should be a conversation between the author and the reader. 

3. Read selectively. 

This is not a textbook on which you are going to be examined.

You don’t have to plough through a book from Page 1 to the bitter end! 

4. Make notes! Highlighting works well. 

You own a book not when you buy it, but when you understand it!

5. Space your reading. If you find your attention is flagging, take a break.

Revise what you have read and then put the book away – you don’t have to complete the book in one sitting.

It’s not going to run away!

6. Read books on the same topic in parallel. 

They will often complement each other, and make it easier to grasp the subject better. 

7. Recollect. When you go back to the book after a day or so, try to reconstruct what you have read so far.

Then continue reading the rest of the book.

Spaced repetition is the best way of making the book a part of your knowledge base!

8. Review the book online, so you can share what you have learned from it with others!


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