Top 10 Outfits For College Girls

By Sangam

August 13, 2020

Our freshmen experience definitely make an impression on us. College is a lot different than high school. In general, our freshmen year is a time filled with anticipation, some anxiety, and wonderful discoveries. College is all about fun, friends, ambition and inspiration. A new session is going to start after one month. Especially for girls, College days are the remainder of fashion sprees. In this era, the definition of fashion is changed. We don’t go by trend. We go by comfort and make it trending. From the perspective adopted by most of the girls, here are Top 10 Outfits For College Girls that can change the attitude of the people’s fashion.


A nice blazer has the ability to give your outfit a serious, yet cute twist. In college, you will (hopefully) be participating in many interviews and events that require business casual attire. A blazer is an instant yes ; official and cute, the perfect way to assert your dominance in the workforce and yet keep that feminine flair.

Blazers can give both sophisticated and classic look. Modern blazers are of various types like peplum, boxy, military, fitted, draped, short-sleeved, belted and boyfriend blazers.

Thus it makes at number 1 in this list of Top 10 Outfits For College Girls  which can give them a modern and dignified look.


Jeans are a basic go-to for any outfit. They can be dressed up and down, and whe they fit well, can make you feel like a super model.

Nowadays, ripped low-waist jeans and high-waist denims are trending.Skinny jeans with hemmed strips at the top of the ankle is in the trend for more cool look. Boot cut jeans and flare jeans are dependent on the type of shoe/heel you wear.
For perfectly pair up, go for skinny jeans with knee high boots or cap toe flats, boyfriend jeans with round toe pumps or ankle boots, straight leg jeans with pointy heels or ballet flats, boot cut jeans with low heel pumps or ankle boot, and flared jeans with platform pumps or stiletto heels.

Every closet remains incomplete without jeans. So, they make at 2 in this list of Top 10 Outfits For College Girls for cool and attractive look.


Crop tops, is actually cool, comfortable and trending especially among teen girls.It come in plain, regular and cotton styles. If paired with high-waist skin tight jeans, it really gives a very cool and hot both look. Moreover, it can be paired with ruffled pants, shorts or shirts. In anyway, it gives a good and fashionable look and it is one of the most demanding outfits to be kept in closet with the touch of cold and off-shoulder styles. Cami striped crop tops are also in great demand.

Hereby, it takes the 3rd spot in this list of Top 10 Outfits For College Girls to get ready to start college life.



Generally, there is a myth about dressing is that skin tight is fashion but actually it is  not. It is a part of the fashion. If you will go by comfort, your look will go with you. Over-sized T-shirts is the best example to show fashion with comfort and in a cool way. Nowadays, they are available in cut into cute styles for a more unique look.

Over-sized tees is becoming more trending by using knots to make it crop and also by tucking up the t-shirt with any bottom and hence, it can be taken as the fifth entrant to this list of Top 10 Outfits For College Girls  loving casuals and comfort.


It is becoming famous in the world of fashion in order to give the feel like leggings as well as jean appearance. Nowadays, girls prefer jeggings more than jeansfor skin tight look of bottom paired with sneakers. Especially white sneakers with black jeggings give the perfect match. Jeggings is the best replacement of tight jeans and they look very classic, sophisticated and modern with the touch of distressed fabric and high rise waist


Jump suit is the bet one-piece outfit adopted by the fashion market. It is regarded as a garment of convenience. Narrow jump suits is very much suitable for college girls. Dungrees are also in fashion with tank tees and is considered as a type of jump suits. Its all types are highly acceptable by women looking for comfy and sustainable fashion looks. Nowadays, jump suits with many modifications like belted jump suits, denim jump suits, wrap jump suits,etc are becoming a center of attraction for girls and is replacing other outfits in the race of comfort and classic look. 

It makes at 6 in this list of Top 10 Outfits For College Girls and working women.


It is one of the favorite pieces of clothing of girls, and always look super cool with jeans. You can pair them with boots to make an instant cowgirl costume. It is so comfy and casual and easy to attain. Check and stripped Flannel shirts are more in fashion than solid colors. It gives the best look when wore with tank tops or crop blouses.

Nowadays, hooded flannel shirts are also in a great demand and so it is at number 7 in this list of Top 10 Outfits For College Girls fashion.


Hoodies are arriving in almost all types of outfits we wear like t-shirts, shirts, crop tops, etc. Hoodies (typically over-sized) can be the most snug, soft and cool outfit in your wardrobe. Hooded shirts give a tom boy look to girls, which most of the girls are adopting nowadays. It can look really very cool when paired with high rise waist denim shorts and bean boots.

Cotton and crop hooded tees are in fashion nowadays and so it is at 8 in this list of Top 10 Outfits For College Girls and in the world of girls’ fashion.


Scarves are cute and warm accessories. They add a nice touch to any outfit. They can be worn in all different ways and changes the complete appearance, too, giving your own way of styling options. Now that infinity scarves are more prevalent, you have even more options. 


Smocked belted high waisted shorts and hipster shorts are becoming very famous among girls. Bud skirts, pleated skirts, and mini skirts are also very common in summer fashion in colleges and at offices. tank tops and crop tops are the best match for such outfits along with heels or sneakers. they are evergreen trending and give a fashionable and hot look.

Shorts and Skirts are common among girls but there is modifications in their styles and looks so we have kept it in this list of Top 10 Outfits For College Girls looking for classic and modern combination of fashion sense.

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