Top Ten Icebreaker Games for College Freshers

By Sangam

September 22, 2020

Thousands of dreaming eyes along with fear of interactive sessions and handling academic pressure commence their college lives. This pressure not only hampers their ways to explore new things but also they face difficulties in adjusting to roommates and new environment. So, there is the need of them to interact with their peers to enhance their communication skills and it also helps them to be happy and grow healthy. College life is completely a new phase where there is separation, aggression, loneliness and curiosity. It is difficult for a teenager to overcome all these things at a time and so they start living a desolate life. This awkward silence among college freshers can be broken down by introducing Icebreakers Games among them. Such games can bring down their level of pressure and create a friendly environment among students as they get to know each other and start sharing bonds through that. This also keeps their minds stress-free and keeps them mentally healthy. Here is a list of Top Ten Icebreakers Games for College Freshers which is becoming the need of the hour keeping the present scenario in mind. 

1. Board Games

We all have been crazy of board games since childhood. Its interesting as well as common among people around the world. Not only children but also adults play these games in their get-together parties and other gatherings. Games like placement cards, ludo, chess, snake & ladders are very common as they are handy and portable. They also connect people in a different way of excitement and togetherness. These games are also available on phones but the happiness of playing offline can’t be replaced.

 So, as students move to a new life in their college these games can easily connect them to their peers and along this way they get to know each other. Hence, board games can be taken as 1st in top ten icebreaker games for college freshers.


2. Truth and Dare

In college, this game gets upgraded to a next level of excitement and fun. This game is very popular among youth and mostly played in the trips and outings among friends. This game doesn’t require any prop or tool to play. Its simply a verbal game in which people need a bottle to decide the turn which is not even compulsory as many truth and dare app are available on app store and play store.

 People sit accordingly in a circular way facing each other and rotate a bottle to decide the turn. Boy/ Girl with the turn is given the choice to select truth or dare and correspondingly they are asked questions or assigned a job to do as a dare.

This can be one of the best icebreaker games as they come to know each other so placed as 2nd in the list of top ten icebreaker games for freshers.

3. Pass the Parcel

Pass the parcel might sound kiddish but here there is few modifications done which makes it very interesting for teenagers. One need not to prepare the parcel, consider the pillow as the parcel, settle down in a circular manner facing each other, set the music and pass the pillow around the circle. As the music stops, the person holding the parcel is assigned some funny task to do by other players. This creates a friendly environment among them.

This game is not only for fun but also give them space to interact and break the ice among new students in hostel. So, looking at this interactive benefits it is taken at the 3rd position in the list of top ten icebreaker games for college freshers.

4. Dumb Charades

Since school life, we have played this game. This is vary famous among people as this is completely a verbal game and does not require any preparation.This game is very easy to play and also very funny.

Two teams are divided and from each team one person holds the stage as per chance to act the character or any noticeable part of the movie and their teammates guess the name of the movie. So the points are distributed between the teams  as per the number of correct guesses. At the end of the game, whichever team gets more points wins the game. Meanwhile, they enjoy a lot seeing the funny acting of the parson on the stage.

So, for playing this one does not need any kind of similarities or anything. So, this can be taken as 4th top ten icebreaker games for freshers.

5. Personal Trivia Baseball

This game associates with guessing and discovering the facts of discrete obstacles levels to get singles, doubles, triples, and home runs. This game is playable among college students, school students and adults in corporate fields.

Divide the players into two teams of about 8 players. It can be fixed according to the duration of game they want to play. Four sheets are passed to each player and they write “S” , “D”, “T’ and “HR” on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th sheet respectively. Every players write facts about themselves on these sheets according to the points written on them. Paper are shuffled and then piles are arranged in in four different corners of room in the shape of baseball diamond. And then the game is played as normal baseball. 

This game is not at all boring and accompanied with fun and energy till the lasy. So, therefore, it is taken as 5th top ten icebreaker games for freshers.

6. Sock Wrestling

This game is for boys and a complete package of energy and full of enthusiasm. Its an amusing and entertaining match between two people with a frivolous goal of removing the socks of each other.

 The spectators of the match enjoy a lot so it can be played at the time of partying or to make hostel boring nights interesting. This game completely take proper energy, intensity and stamina of boys so it is best for college boys. Hence, here it is takes as 6th top ten icebreaker games for college students.  

7. Knock Down

We buy, we drink, and we throw. So, what if we utilize those cans for fun and merrymaking? Okay, so here is one game full of incitement with cans i.e., Knock Down.

For this cans (party cups) are arranged in a pyramid structure that is not so easy to dismantle. Players stand at some fixed distance from the pyramid with a a sponge or light weight ball. They have to annihilate  all the cans with few balls depending upon the possibility with no more than three chances.

So, this game is full of fun and can make easy for students to interact and know each other. This game is also not gender specific so it can be played at college gatherings to break the ice among the students. Hence, this is 7th in the list of top ten icebreaker games for freshers.  

8. Fortune Teller Game

Girls love to gossip and confabulate and this the major way through which they interact and have fun. This game is all about this full of chatter, humor and fun. 

Smalls sheets are taken and girls write funny names, profession and some humorous stages on each of then. Then either by playing music or some other tricks they pick up one of the chits one by one. The name is then considered as her husband’s name and so as profession and different silly stages. On the way along they laugh, talk, eat and enjoy the time together.

This can be the best interacting medium for girls and can be played at night in the hostel. Through this they start sharing bonds with their hostel-mates and gain confidence to talk and adapt the environment. Hence, this game is in the 8th rank in the account of top ten icebreaker games for freshers.  

9. Balloon Stomp

Are you a package of stamina? If yes, they you must play this game to prove your presence of mind and energy as well. This game requires enthusiasm and also takes the test of your defensive strength. This is an outdoor teens party group game.

Make two teams with equal number of players. Use different colors of balloons and strings to tie them to identify the particular team. Tile the balloons to the both legs of the players with the string which is not so easy to burst. Now, they have to burst the opposite team’s balloons and also protect their. Whichever team completes this task fast wins the game.

This game is actually very interesting and it also excites the spectators a lot. This can be the best for breaking the ice but since it requires some arrangements and so it is not so common to play and can be played only in some particular gatherings or events. Therefore, it is the 9th top ten icebreaker games for college freshers. 

10. Song Sync

Not even one in hundred teenager is not there who do not listen to songs. Songs and its craze is common especially at this stage stage of life. So, this game can bring fun and carry out interactions among them.

This game is very simple. All one have to do is guess the song by listening to one or two of its famous words or tunes. For this, teams can be divided and one person should be there to play songs for them. Points are distributed according to their correct guesses and deducted as well on being wrong. 

Hence, this game can help the teams to interact and they start talking to each other by then. This game is taken as 10th top ten icebreaker games for college freshers. 

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